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My name is Blake and this is my site.

Space Boy Comics is more than just comics. It represents all of the art that I do. The name stuck because my first creative break came with a comic book. But my goal is simply to make cool art that I think you would like. 

Some common questions and answers:

Q: "How did you become an artist?" 

A: Almost by accident. Drawing and Painting were always just a hobby.  When I was 18 I fell into a televison career doing mostly uncreative work for about 10 years. It wasn't until I took up the Jesters Curse that I dedicated myself soley to my art and became a "professional." 


Q: "Do you only work with In Flames?"

A: No. I am freelance and work on a lot of projects. In Flames just happen to be my only friends/clients with heavy exposure. I will update the site with more personal  work as I am able.

Q: "Who else works at Space Boy Comics?"

A: I am the only permanent resident of SBC. That said, I work with other writers and artists on various projects. So it can fluctuate. SBC is just the banner under which I do my work.



Q: "Who are your artistic influences?"

A: Drew Struzan, Dave Rapoza, Stephen Gammell, Mary Blair just to name a few. Please look into all of their work. Amazing stuff. 


Q: "Did you go to school for art?"


A: No. I am self-taught. I had a remarkable art education in High School but never went to university for it. I truly believe when it comes to creative expression you have to work these things out yourself. Any technique can be learned. Especially these days with the internet and the accessibility of information.



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